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Trey Stone, CEO of Equity Academy, will teach you the strategies he used to become financially independent and a multimillionaire in real estate by the age of 27, after starting with no money or previous experience at the age of 19. Trey has served as President of The Houston Apartment Association and built his real estate portfolio up to just under 6000 units, beginning with just one rent house. 
Trey won the Owner of the Year Award from the Houston Apartment Association in 2007, the Owner of the Year Award from the National Apartment Association in 2008, and the Owner of the Year Award from the Texas Apartment Association in 2010.  Trey has helped 430 families make $137 million from their rental properties in Houston. Trey and his team can help you replace your earned income from your job with passive income in rental property and have been doing so for 20 years. 
The Real Estate Workshop will teach you:
Investor Mindset: How Investors like Trey and other Equity Academy members build wealth and passive income around the clock with their real estate, independent of their own time.
How to Buy and Make Money from a Rent House or an Apartment Complex
How to leverage other people’s time, money, and experience to get started if you have not owned rental property before.
How to gain access to hundreds of fellow real estate investors and mentors here locally in Houston Texas to accelerate your progress and build your Mastermind Group.
How to join the next visit to one of Trey’s apartment complexes for a behind the scenes look at real estate investing, with a focus on how Trey bought a deal for 20 million and added value until it was worth over 60 million dollars!

Trey Stone

Founder and CEO of Equity Academy

Trey has owned 5,789 apartment units and is the President of Equity Academy, LLC where he and his team buy, renovate, and manage multifamily properties that have exceeded $336 million in value to date.

Trey earned his finance degree from The University of Texas in 2001, and has taught thousands of students how to reach financial independence by investing in real estate.

Trey was the President of The Houston Apartment Association in 2014. He served on the Board of Directors for the Westchase Management District, the Houston Apartment Association, the Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association.